"Wear armor to fight disease" Take care of yourself every day, just 1 pill a day.


รูปภาพบทความ pinotin

Today, in a world full of epidemic crises stepping out of the house each time In addition to carrying essential equipment such as a wallet and mobile phone There are still many things to prepare. Whether wearing a mask of sufficient quality Carry a ready-to-use gel or alcohol spray. Including wearing clothes to suit the hot and cold weather of our country as well.
I'm sure no one would want to mess with carrying so much personal protective types of equipment like this. But no one would want to miss the card falling, becoming infected and having to be hospitalized, losing health, losing money, and wasting a lot of time as well. but what to do If the body is not strong enough to fight germs that may spread everywhere we go so that we can strengthen the body's armor. by strengthening the immune system It is one way to help boost your self-confidence. in being able to face various risk factors outside the home

Strengthen body armor how can I do

Eating a complete meal from the 5 food groups, exercising regularly. And getting enough sleep is, of course, important advice for anyone who wants to stay healthy. But increasing the choice by taking vitamins and dietary supplements. to replace the parts that the body may be missing or want to add extra In today's stressful situations Currently, there are dietary supplements that contain ingredients that are recognized as It is effective in stimulating the body's immune system. Against many types of pathogens Including helping to neutralize free radicals that may cause some types of cancer as well.
What are the “helpers” obtained from dietary supplements?

ingredients in dietary supplements with the results of the study that are Outstanding in the fight against pathogens and enhance immunity such as galingale, ginger, gooseberry, zinc, etc.

"Protect the lungs, resist disease"

Scientific name: Boesenbergia rotunda (L.)

Kaempferia is a herb that has been a staple in Thai kitchens for a long time. Has properties to help cure many diseases. Can be used in many parts, including rhizomes, roots, and leaves in Thai traditional medicine The rhizomes will be crushed to enhance immunity. and treating symptoms Both gastritis and indigestion due to its antibacterial activity Both in the gastrointestinal tract and oral cavity are used to mix in mouthwash to help reduce bad breath as well, and in addition, Panduratin A antioxidant that is an important substance found in Krachai. There is also evidence from studies that Effectively inhibit certain cancer cells. including lung cancer

“Improve the immune system, nourish the respiratory system”

Scientific name: Zingiber officinale

Ginger, a familiar plant and has been in Thai kitchens for a long time It is often used to cook a variety of dishes and desserts. for traditional medicine with various medicinal properties, Ginger has been used to treat a variety of ailments, including asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy, diabetes, constipation, colds, and flu. And some studies have found that the combination of the herb echinacea and ginger has properties to help reduce coughing and chest pain from bronchitis as well.

"Cough, Antioxidant"

Scientific name: Emblica Officinalis Gaertn.

Gooseberry, another well-known local herb Has properties that help relieve cough. and is often used as an ingredient in common cough medicine recipes. The study found that Indian gooseberry extract helps expel phlegm. and significantly reduce the frequency of coughing It is also a source of vitamin C. which is an important antioxidant both to the immune system of the body and slowing down other diseases caused by free radicals as well

immune system keeper

Zinc (Zinc) is a mineral that plays an important role in the immune system. Too much or too little zinc? As a result, the immune system malfunctions. Usually, we can find zinc in meat dishes. and some grains The form of zinc found in dietary supplements may include zinc oxide, zinc sulfate, and zinc amino acid chelate, which is a combination of the mineral and amino acid form. that enhances the efficiency of absorption into the body better

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