"Enhance your immune system, focus on disease resistance with 3 herbal combinations"


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"Enhance your immune system, focus on disease resistance with 3 herbal combinations"

Boosting the body's immune system is an important tool that will help us cope with increasingly serious diseases today. Herbs are considered an alternative way of enhancing the immune system for the body in addition to eating a complete diet of 5 food groups and supplementing with nourishing vitamins. And “Triphala” is considered one of the recommended medicinal formulas for balancing the body. as well as enhancing immunity against disease as well


Triphala (pronounced Tri-pha-la) or Triphalaka is the name of a medicinal formula that has a long history of use in Indian Ayurvedic texts and Thai traditional medicine, where "tri" means three and "phala" means the result, which includes Together means 3 fruits that are combined to form a medicinal formula, namely, tamarind, tamarind, and tamarind.
If these three herbs are mixed in equal proportions Thai traditional medicine is called “Triphala coordinates”, but if they are brought together in unequal ratios, they are called great coordinates to be appropriate for the origin or cause of each disease.


from the textbook of Medicine has mentioned the medicinal formula "Triphala" in the book on medicinal properties, page 358 that

“Again, the Triphala, that is, the Thai anchor 1, the anchor 1, the Makhampom 1, all three of these together are called Triphala.

If anyone has consumed it, it may quell a good disease. to cure phlegm and wind in the pile of elements and piles of that primary age."

Because the three herbs have different properties and effects on the body. Mixing in a balanced proportion of 1 equal unit each. will help promote the properties of each other as well Including helping to control the toxic side effects of each drug, such as using Thai anchor and Makhampom Help relieve heartburn and reduce abdominal distension. which is caused by the laxative effect of the anchor, etc.

These 3 herbs all help to relieve cough and expel phlegm and sore throat, so they are mainly used as a cough remedy. But apart from that already Currently, many studies agree that Triphala can be used to boost immunity. Good resistance to germs, both bacteria, and viruses as well.

Outstanding features

Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus Emblica Linn.) is high in polyphenols and vitamin C. Antioxidant immune system, antivirus

Anchorage (Terminalia belerica (Gaertn.) Roxb.) contains high polyphenols. Antibacterial, viral, fungal

Thai anchor (Terminalia chebula Retz.) contains high polyphenol, neutralizes heat poisoning, reduces fever, and is a mild laxative.

Applied pattern

Selection of Triphala Herbs If using fresh herbs to make medicine Must choose fresh, clean ingredients and no fungus Because these herbs are short-lived. can be stored for a short time But if it's not convenient, prepare it yourself. You can choose to buy ready-to-eat forms in general. It can be found in liquid form, tablet form, capsule form, and bolus by the recommended dosage. When coughing is 3-4 times a day, 300-600 mg each time.

How to buy Should buy a reliable product. safe and standard It is advisable to observe from the drug registration, production date, expiration date, and packaging must be in good condition. Made by a reliable factory have certified standards

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