Turmeric nourishes lungs


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Turmeric (Turmeric) or turmeric is a plant with rhizomes underground. The flesh of the rhizome is dark yellow with a distinctive color, which is the distinctive flavor. the colors are beautiful In addition, herbs have also been applied to blend into Thai food. resulting in a different but perfect taste When talking about herbs that Thai people like to use for cooking. We cannot fail to mention turmeric because it is one of the ingredients that make food eye-catching. as well as having medicinal properties that are beneficial to the body, increasing the order of deliciousness Now let's get to know more about the herbs. Why is it popular? And what are the benefits of this herb? If you're ready, let's start learning together.


Thai medicine textbook: internal use, aids appetite, elemental tonic, blood purification, relieve flatulence, congestion, colic, weight loss, menstrual pain Irregular menstruation, jaundice, dizziness, cold, convulsions, fever, diuretic, ascites cure emaciated fever Resolve phlegm and blood poisoning Rectal and light hemorrhage, hemorrhage, and swollen eyes Relieve toothache, swollen gums It has the effect of suppressing infection, anti-tuberculosis, preventing gonorrhea, cure diarrhea, cure dysentery, treat cancer, spread externally, help reduce swelling, bruises. Shoulder and arm pain, bruising and swelling, pain relief, joint pain relief, fresh wound healing, and abrasions. Mixing massage medicine to relieve sprains Resolve water bite feet, cure Channatu, cure eczema Cure skin rashes, heal wounds, treat abscesses, blisters, reduce allergic reactions, inflammation from insect bites Pound wounds, stop bleeding, heal the skin, nourish the skin, properties, and benefits of turmeric

In addition, the list of herbal medicines: which are used according to traditional knowledge according to the announcement of the National Board on Medicine. Appears to use turmeric In medicine to treat gastrointestinal symptoms, the formula "Yellow of the ocean" contains turmeric as the main component. Together with 12 other herbs in the recipe, it has properties to relieve diarrhea of ​​non-infectious types such as feces without mucus. or have blood and diarrhea without fever It is also classified as a medicinal herbal supplement that can be used alone. to relieve tightness, colic

Form and dosage for how to use the drug:

Internal use (oral medication):

- Capsules containing dry turmeric rhizome powder 250 mg orally 2-4 capsules 4 times a day after meals and at bedtime. May form a ball with honey

- Fresh old rhizome, about 2 inches long, scrape the bark, rinse thoroughly with water, pound thoroughly, add water, squeeze out only 2 tablespoons of water, 3-4 times a day.

External use:

- Use fresh turmeric rhizomes with ripe water. Or turmeric powder is applied to the area of ​​boils, blisters, or inflammation from insect bites.

- dried old rhizomes, ground into fine powder Apply to the area of ​​the rash.

- Dried rhizomes ground into powder. bring to a simmer with vegetable oil Make oil for fresh wounds.

- Old rhizome 1 thumb, washed and finely ground. add a little alum and wet coconut oil to apply to the blistered area on the scalp


1. The use of turmeric as a remedy for gastritis If the size is too high will cause ulcers in the stomach

2. Some patients may have an allergic reaction to turmeric. With nausea, diarrhea, headache, or insomnia, stop taking the drug.

3. Do not use in patients with obstruction of the bile duct, such as gallstones. and do not use in pregnant women

4. Caution should be exercised when concomitant use with anticoagulants. due to synergistic might, slow blood clotting and the bleeding is difficult to stop
The lungs are considered an important organ. Because it is the front organ that is directly affected when the body is sick. Therefore, it is important to keep your lungs healthy. The current study found that it is caused by inflammation and the body's overload of free radicals. which is one of the responses of the body's immune system This condition can eventually lead to organ failure in the body.

Turmeric or turmeric has antioxidant activity that is 8 times better than vitamin E, thus helping to fight inflammation. and help the immune system work efficiently Currently, doctors have brought turmeric to be part of the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases such as lung disease and chronic bronchial obstruction. Respiratory disease, lung cancer

In terms of restoring and nourishing lungs with turmeric, It will help the lungs to return to better health with continued intake. because there is the curcumin in turmeric helps restore lungs caused by COVID-19, lung disease, pneumonia, etc.

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