Giggea root, herbal remedy to reduce cough helps to moisten the throat


รูปภาพบทความ รากกิกเก้

Giggea root (Platycodonis glandiflorus) is a rare traditional Chinese herb. Has properties to treat a variety of diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine is often used as an ingredient in cough medicine, expectorant, with properties that help nourish the lungs. Relieve angina and tonsillitis One study also found that the saponin, Platycodins, in kikke root helps to control asthma symptoms. including being able to fight free radicals

The gigge root of the gigge tree grows in most parts of China. It is used to treat cold symptoms or coughs that cause phlegm. especially with sticky sputum that is difficult to get out Chest tightness. In addition, the remedy can also be used to treat a hoarse voice, sore throat. For those who cough with pus Use the cure and licorice therapy. It will help drive phlegm and pus.

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