Sweet fainting, bitter as a medicine, cure the disease with bitter gourd, local vegetables.


รูปภาพบทความ มะระขี้นก

"Strange name vegetables, but various properties"

Bitter melon (Bitter Melon or Bitter Cucumber), scientific name Momordica charantia L., is a medicinal plant and a local vegetable that everyone is familiar with. Because it is common in every region of Thailand, it is easy to grow, useful, and can be cooked into a variety of dishes.

Bitter gourd is a creeping vine plant. The appearance of the bitter gourd looks like a bobbin. The skin is rough and has protruding buttons. The young fruit is green. But if the result is a reddish-yellow color. The tip of the fruit is split into 3 lobes. Usually, birds tend to peck at both the fruit and the seed. Then it will be taken to different places. Hence the origin of the name of this herb.

In Thai traditional medicine, the bitter gourd is said to have many medicinal properties. It can be used for almost all parts of the plant, the leaf part is an antipyretic, and the roots are used to treat septicemia. The results are used to relieve arthritis and gout symptoms, and in addition, bitter gourd contains many antioxidants. help against cancer treat gastrointestinal ulcers and maintain normal blood pressure levels as well

“Eat food as medicine. with a menu from bitter gourd.”

In addition to having medicinal properties also has high nutritional value rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, and many other minerals. Can be cooked into a variety of dishes but do not like to eat fresh fruit Because bitter gourd has a bitter taste. Therefore, it must be blanched or boiled before being cooked to reduce the bitterness. and maybe used as a vegetable to eat with chili paste Drink to help relieve heat in and expel phlegm. The recommended daily size is 100 grams of fresh fruit, cut in half and put in a centrifuge. Will get about 40 ml of bitter gourd juice after breakfast or dinner. for other food menus, The bitter gourd can be adapted to use in stir-fry and other curry dishes. for example, bitter gourd curry Stuffed Bitter Gourd Soup Stir-fried bitter gourd with eggs, etc.

“Control diabetes, reduce sugar”

In the national list of essential medicines, bitter gourd is indicated for use. As a remedy for fever, heat, and thirst, but in most cases, It is often used in an off-label way, ie, for the treatment of diabetic patients. by helping to control blood sugar levels The main substances found to help in glycemic control are charantin, momocharin and Momordica due to their insulin-like structure. Helps to increase the secretion of insulin from the pancreas increase sugar metabolism and reduce the production of sugar from the liver, etc.

In addition to the benefits of helping to control sugar levels in people with diabetes. also reported that Bitter gourd extract also helps treat peripheral neuropathy. That is often found in diabetic patients as well.

"Antioxidants Cure Cancer"

Bitter gourd is another herb that has properties that help fight cancer. Because it is rich in polyphenols. Vitamin A and Vitamin C help fight free radicals as well In addition, the study reported that Ethanol extract from bitter gourd has cytotoxic activities against lung cancer cells. breast cancer cells and leukemia cells This is useful for further development as a drug for treating various types of cancer as well.

“Protect the digestive tract to reduce the incidence of wounds”

inhibit acid secretion (antisecretory), cell protection (cytoprotective), and anti-oxidants. (Antioxidant) is a feature of 3 things of bitter gourd extract. that are useful in the treatment of acid reflux syndrome and stomach ulcers According to the study report, it was found that bitter gourd extract Significantly reduced the incidence of peptic ulcers in the experimental group.

applied pattern

because bitter gourd Can be used in many forms, including eating fresh bring to cook and in pill form by bringing different parts come to boil and eat which the recommended size is

Fresh fruit 6 – 15 grams, boiled and eaten or dried on fire, ground into a powder and eaten, used to relieve heat, heat in thirst

3 g of dried seeds, boiled in drinking water, increase energy, nourish the elements, nourish the energy.

Fresh leaves 30 – 60 grams, boiled in drinking water, cure gastritis, drive parasites

30 – 60 grams of fresh roots or 3 – 12 grams of dried vines, boiled with drinking water, used to cure heat, neutralize toxins, or used as a rinse for wounds, swelling, inflammation, and toothaches.

In addition to the above Medicinals from bitter gourd can also be found in convenient, ready-to-eat forms such as tablets or capsules from extracts, powdered pills, infusions for drinking, etc.

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