"Jie Geng" with COVID treatment


"Jie Geng" with COVID treatment

It can be seen that the COVID infection has a direct effect on the respiratory system. Therefore, we need a medicine that can help with the respiratory system in particular. There is research that traditional Chinese medicine can cure COVID, which is acceptable because traditional Chinese medicine can alleviate symptoms and reduce the number of COVID patients. The jie geng root is the ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine and some traditional medicine formulas.

Jie Geng root, the active ingredient of the medicine, can help with sore throat, cough, expectoration, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

The presence of jie geng components has been shown to aid in acute lung injury and inhibit apoptosis. Furthermore, other studies have shown that compounds in jie geng can boost immunity and fight inflammation in the respiratory tract. There is also research on if jie geng root is not added as an ingredient in medicine, will it have any effect or not? It was found that taking a mixture of jie geng root is better if the disease being cured is a respiratory infection.

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