Take care of menopausal health with herbs.


Take care of menopausal health with herbs.

Menopausal women are usually found in the age range of 45-55 years, usually near the menopause, when there is no menstruation for 1 year or found in women who have had ovaries removed on both sides, which causing changes in menopausal women both physically and mentally. So if the menstruation is irregular, it may be a warning sign that you are entering the menopausal period.

In Thai traditional medicine, when you’re entering the old age that is the age of 32 years onwards (according to the Scriptures of Medicine) will be the age when the air element in the body is prominent. You should be careful not to lose the balance of the 4 elements (earth, water, wind, fire) because it may cause the wind element in the body to be easily affected. and subsequent illnesses In Thai tradition, there is a word called "blood will go, wind will come", meaning that;

“Blood will go” is that the menstrual glands will not work as before, means menopause.

“The wind will come” during the transition period, which is the age where the element of wind is the main element and the wind in the body is easily affected. If the elements are out of balance, there are different symptoms, including hot flashes (cold, hot or cold), bloating, constipation, dry and itchy skin, body aches, insomnia, vaginal dryness, changes in mental state such as easily angry, depressed, forgetful, low-spirited, and etc.


Foods and herbs that are suitable for menopausal women include:
1. Coconut oil
The skin may become dry and itchy when sex hormones drop. You can nourish the skin with herbs such as applying coconut oil after bathing or use a soap containing herbs that reduce itching on the skin, such as turmeric soap, and fish gill soap.

2. Plants with phytoestrogens
Due to decreased sex hormones causing the body to control its body temperature inadequately. It may causing hot flashes especially at night. Therefore, you should eat plants that contain phytoestrogen, which is similar to the hormone estrogen and isoflavones will help reduce hot flashes, such as yellow tofu, soybean paste, sesame, carrots, and coconut water.

3. Herbal drink to nourish the body
Herbal drinks to nourish the body such as pandan juice, bael juice, fang juice, lotus pollen tea Or a hot drink to make the wind element in the body easy to walk, such as ginger water, lemongrass juice

4. Herbs that are high in calcium
When entering menopausal age especially during menopause for many years, remember that there is a risk of thinning bones. Therefore, you should eat herbs that are high in calcium, such as the shoots of cassia leaves, the shoots of neem, kale, sage, and gourd.


Lifestyle adjustment and appropriate health behaviors, including
1. Refrain from behaviors that deteriorate health
Avoid the behavior that deteriorated you health such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

2. Eat nutritious food from all 5 food groups
Reduce meat foods because they are difficult to digest. At this age, the efficiency of digestion decreases. Therefore, you should eat appropriate food according to your age. Reduce sweet and high fat foods because it will cause arteriosclerosis more easily.
Increase fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits (fruits that are not high in sugar), which will reduce the absorption of fat and sugar and also helps excrete stool better. This is to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Trick: If you eat too much fiber and during the day drink less water. From making it easier to excrete, it can cause constipation. Therefore, if you’re eating foods that contain fiber, drink 1 glass of water immediately after waking up in the morning and drink enough water during the day for the body as well. It will make the excretory system better.

3. Exercise regularly
Exercise at least 3 times a week, 30 minutes each time.

4. Get enough rest and do some stress-relieving activities.
As the saying goes "The mind is the master, the body is the slave" If the mind is good, maintain positive energy properly, body will be strong. If there is an illness, it will be easier to recover than those who have accumulated stress. Therefore, we should pay attention to mental health as well.


Thanks to information from: Gynecological Endocrinology, Menopause Clinic, Department of Obstetrics, and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University.

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